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Thou Shall Not...[UN-fair]

[a poetic response to the UN voting that gay people can be EXECUTED
without cause]

she walks down streetways
handheld in arm's gaze with her [one]
the only
who UNderstands how her heart beats
her favorite treats
the sway of her greeting sunlight
the swag of her tongue shifting dusk
to moonlit memories of forever more
her nagging nature
and her nourishing soul
UNbeknownst to them that tomorrow may never come

he leans chest-ward
nape inward, park lingering at his majesty
his [one]
the only
that never UNderestimates his manhood
knows how to juggle his strengths
nurture his weaknesses
swaddle intimacy in love strokes
as if every time was the first
UNfortunately, it may be their last

even though they say
"I Do" in bedded courtrooms
others don't want them to be happy
as if their relationship has made the world impotent
majority falls infertile
as CHURCH wants to fornicate with STATE
despite their divorce
of course
the dynasties take time to break the fast for segregation

...when did LOVE become the 11th commandment...


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