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* #CouchCon: Writing & Activism Panel

"I cannot fully express how terrific my experience with TS and her incredible students was...but I will try. At the book release & signing of Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus, TS was both the MC for the evening and also the director of the youth performances. The event would NOT have been the same without her presence and impact.  She enhanced it and blew me and every audience member I spoke with away, evoking laughter, tears, and every emotion in between. TS was engaging, energetic, charismatic, funny, charming, spot-on with information, and professional the whole way through. She moved the program along seamlessly and kept the crowd entertained. Her professionalism shone with the performers she oversaw from the Attic Youth Center. They created fully original pieces and were performed with such moving passion. They were heartfelt and flawless with a hint of drama that we could all relate to. I cannot recommend TS and Legacy and Lineage enough!!!!" ~Rachelle Lee Smith [Speaking OUT: Queer Youth in Focus]

"How fortunate your students are to have you as their teacher...stay real!" ~C. Weaver

"It was a pleasure having as a presenter. Dynamic Presentation. Thank you, Thank you. You made the workshop a worthwhile and interesting venture. Everyone is still talking about it. You Hawkins girls are SO VERY TALENTED!!!! ~V. Andrews [Super Success Summit]

"You are so inspiring TS!!! ~A. Kuruma [30/30/1 NoPassport Panel]

"After seeing this artist perform live, I had to buy at least one of her books. As soon as I rec'd the book, I did not put it down until completion. Sugar Lumps and Black Eye Blues sent me on an emotional journey with an honesty that I have not encountered in a very long time. This is the first book that this author has published and I plan on buying the additional 3 books very soon. For those who enjoy true poetry and storytelling, this is for you." ~M [ Review]

"I like your poetry-very beautiful indeed-Thanks!" ~BrasilBreizh

"Deeply interesting and passionate. I continue to read it over and over to find new emotions and points that I may have missed. I have definitely been drawn to her table for seconds." ~Anonymous [ Review]

"I'm a fan and I say that as a snooty poet. Very snooty. Unless well deserved. Again, I'm a fan. Lady T is a vulnerable soul and endearing, but it gets no better than Lady T when she is lifting her voice and pen to deconstruct national and psychological freedoms that continue to enslave our psyche and economy. Her vision for the work, her work is doing is revolutionary. This is simply not a testimony I am sharing with you, but these are the very same feelings I had after reading her first release and then witnessing her perform live in Atlanta in 2010. I am a fan." ~S. Velvet Noose

"You're a very talented lady - awesome! I wish the best of success!" ~Blak Rayne Books

Fellow Artist Praises Hawkins' Poetry Performance as 'Brave, Powerful and Compelling' August 2008. Author TS Hawkins received a glowing review of her spoken word poetry performance at the First Person Salons at the Gershman Y event in Philadelphia. Hawkins presented poetry from her collection, Sugar Lumps and Black Eye Blues. Other featured performances included music by Matt Davis and Aerial Photograph, a solo performance by Martha Kemper, and photography by Christopher Paquette. Martha Kemper posted a follow-up blog about the experience: ''It was a special audience so many among them were artists themselves that made it especially rich. My performance was followed by Matt Davis and his what eight, nine-piece band Aerial Photograph, playing original pieces inspired by conversations around Philly. That was so evocative of Philadelphia. And then, TS Hawkins (and friends) with spoken word artistry, poetry that was brave, powerful, and compelling. The patchwork on the website really does evoke the flavor of diverse pieces and forms that came together on the little proscenium stage at the Gershman Y. I'm so glad I was part of it.'' ~Martha Kemper [ Review]

"I'm not one to say too much. But I do take everything in. I sit back, listen, and observe. I'm learning from you. One day, I would like to publish my own poetry, and yours gives me a model of greatness to hopefully achieve one day. Thank you for being you." ~@MsSamaraMarie

"What I enjoy most about an author is her ability to reach depth, and to make the reader s feel the words as directly as if they were on the tip of our tongue.

I definitely see those things in the poetry here.
Thank you for reminding us of the vitality of the written and spoken word.
Power to the poets!" ~Q

"topical, riveting, complex..." from About TS Hawkins by Kelly Croke

"...vacillate between visceral, prophetic, poignant and uplifting. These pieces read like “poetic tweets” that can quickly become a catchy mantra." ~K. Williams-Witherspoon, Ph.D. on The Hotel Haikus by TS Hawkins and T. McLean

"There are a lot of people who claim to be poets, and there are those that are naturally gifted in the art of poetry and continue to grow with each passing day. “Poetry is her business and her business is poetry” TS Hawkins is one of these poets..." ~M. Diggs [excerpt from About TS Hawkins written by Kelly Croke] 2012

"TS, the person, is the artwork, and her poetry is just one technique for manifesting and crafting that art” ~J. Del Gandio, Ph.D. [excerpt from About TS Hawkins written by Kelly Croke] 2012

“...master with the pen through whose experiences in life make it possible to see the maturity in her writing emerging from each new endeavor.” ~D. Hawkins [excerpt from About TS Hawkins written by Kelly Croke] 2012

"...earnestness and originality of thought, style, the formula in her poetry” ~L. Webb [excerpt from About TS Hawkins written by Kelly Croke] 2012

“TS's poetry is found to be “provocative and electric […] extremely relatable in that her subject matter is universal,” for example, love, family, disappointment, etc. “If Only I Could Write Like You” is a good example of this..." ~K. Fannin [excerpt from About TS Hawkins written by Kelly Croke] 2012

"In terms of “Momma's Worry,” the pathos of not knowing where your child is or if this is going to be the end, TS captured that and it was and is very true to a mother's experience” “[TS] knows how to give poetry its theatricality […] She has developed such a command for language and word choice. She breathes complexity into the work she covers,”...“Writers that last the longest are the ones who are humble,” and hopefully TS will be one of those poets." ~K. Williams-Witherspoon Ph.D. [excerpt from About TS Hawkins written by Kelly Croke] 2012

"I am so proud to have a friend like you. You are so talented" ~L. Mercurio


"Looks great! Seeing everything all together really leaves me in awe. Great job and I am very proud of and happy for you!" ~K. Johnson

"Even when her poetry reflects difficult choices, humiliations, or exploitation, she faces them full-on. Where some writers might couch their language in cagey metaphor, Hawkins is direct, her narrative clear. If she were standing in front of you, she would look you right in the eye..." [excerpt from Mahogany Nectar preface] ~Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia Inquirer

"Just listening to your CD Running Still Water again and your 1st track "Momma's Worry" is so beautiful...the emotion, the words, the rhythm...paired with the music mix in the background...I had to sit a minute after and just be silent. It was so genuine, your voice and every single word so carefully chosen. I really love this one..." ~K. Croke

"You are my Mahogany Nectar...I'm Confectionately Yours...I throw away my Lil Blaek Book, just for a taste of your Sugar Lumps... Ms. Hawkins the word "talent" is too small to express what you have. I found myself reading and then re-reading your words; looking at my situations and finding your words to be true. June 27th "Lavender" speaks loud and clear to what I feel sometimes---You have put yourself into your work, opened up your heart, body & soul. You shared more than your thoughts with your readers. Your poetry fills a room like a sweet fragrance that makes you stop and think. I am in awe of your work. Keep pushing forward. I treasure my box-set. I find myself packing it whenever I travel. THANK YOU...I am looking forward to MORE..." ~Y. Hopp

"It spoke to me on page 20. Swept me away on 58. Blew my mind on 23. Floored me; awed me on 30. And made me...Me! Wax poetic. I got my "Lil Blaek Book". Get Yours :) Cause: "time. when every moment; devoted. xylose adoration. the past"-TS Hawkins, the author, poet, muse, inspirer- thank you for sharing your gift" ~Aliah D. Wright review on Lil Blaek Book: All the Long Stories Short

"I curled up on the couch with your book & I am feeling good- pulling strength from your words that I needed beyond what I could give myself right now. I sincerely thank you beyond any words I could ever say to you TS. Keep doing what you're doing, follow your heart & passion & keep pushing, you never know who you reach through your words. Truly! " ~O. Lombardi

"TS is a pure delight! I have had the grand opportunity to work with her on several events and the pleasure of seeing her as a guest. She always leaves me with a stronger sense of self, a laugh or two, and a tremendous amount of universal understanding. I am a life long fan of TS and proud to know her." ~Lady M Events

"Although I enjoy live presentations of Ms. Hawkins's poetry, I equally enjoyed visually gorging on her decadent words and tasting clear bittersweet truths. Moments after I think that I am full and can not indulge any further, I finger the pages to find the crumbs that I had overlooked and suckle my fingertips only to burst with utters of delight as memories of saccharin transform into cane juices from the deepest dark ancient space of Womanhood." ~L. ScottLorde

"The author puts herself out there, takes risks, and is able to speak to both the individual and to the universal. Definitely worth the time to purchase her work!" ~J. Del Gandio, PhD

"Ms. Hawkins has a gift for words. Her poetry is truthful, emotional, and can resonate with anyone. She has a passion for the truth and it literally jumps off the page." ~S. DiPilla

"Ms. Hawkins's book is a heartfelt look at her life through poetry. With lines such as "your emotional wounds make tombs that Jesus can't move over," there are many memorable moments that you find yourself re-reading. It is easy to identify with many of her emotions and she is, at times, both inviting you and daring you to continue." ~E. Read

"I am honored to personally know the author of this amazing collection of poems. Her work is at once spellbinding and insightful." ~J. Ijames

"Her poetry invades the reader's thoughts presenting the challenge to think beyond one's self; and acknowledge the world on the outside." ~K. Johnson, M.Ed

"Honest, open, sometimes "boiling hot", "come as you are", "down-home", B.Y.O.B.--some of the pain and tribulations that are main ingredients in her work can be "searing". The moments and stories that the author creates will, no doubt, hang heavy or your consciousness and your emotional pallet, as they will be hard to forget once the book is down and the initial "read" is done. You will, nevertheless, be drawn to Hawkins' table again and again to appreciate the depth of experience in her work. Certainly, you will, I'm sure, savor the imagery in the unmistakable "twist" on language lines that are uniquely hers." ~K. Williams-Witherspoon, Ph.D. [excerpt from Sugar Lumps and Black Eye Blues forward] 2007

"As a reader, I was not ready to let go...her own voice...perfectly enunciated. What a joy! " ~C. Weaver, author of "What We Lose On The Roundabout"

"Hawkins redefines bitter-sweet. Her poems are so powerfully effective I found myself laughing so hard, I cried and crying so hard, I had no choice but to laugh." ~A. Grove

"When you're in need of something tasty, but filling, reach for [her] book. Light (for those counting calories) and rich (for those who say, 'C'est la vie!') at the same time, it's a delicious mental snack because [her poetry] is a daring blend of soul and reality one that is able to capture your attention and actually do something with it. Her work is relatable, fun, and edgy. Warning: not for the closed-minded." ~C. Emanuele

"It was an honor to hear you speak in Orange, NJ, and to read your books. My favorite poem is "Passport". It really captures what America has been and is still about. Keep up the good work and stay strong. My mom was very proud of you as I always am!" ~M. Hawkins

"Reading your words puts the world on hold even just for that moment... I can feel your passion through your work & visualize my own similar thoughts when before it seemed I couldn't make heads or tails of anything; overwhelmed. Peace of mind is rare, but knowing I have a "getaway" right here at my fingertips is comforting & priceless." ~O. Lombardi [2010]

"TS Hawkins, I am very proud of you and your accomplishments. I have read two of your poetry books thus far and was truly amazed at how well you write, you captured my attention in each book I couldn't put it down. I wish you continued success." ~E. Lewis

"TS, we're so proud of you and always wish you the very best! God Bless you and keep you in HIS awesome care." ~R. Fenn

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