"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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It's PUPPETS and POETS Time! [Video and Performance Opportunity]

Alphabet Arts is a driven organization that not only has a deep love for all things
POETRY & PUPPETRY but they support artists that want to make a difference in their communities!

The 3rd Annual Puppets & Poets Festival is getting underway!
We are excited to share the love of theatre, puppetry and poetry to the youth and their families but we need just a little more help :-)

WATCH BELOW to see what we have in store!

CLICK HERE to read the show line-up and the fantastic perks you collect along the way!
(check a gander at perk #15 ::wink::)


Event: Tuesday November 12 [Moonstone Arts Center]

Tuesday November 12, 2013
Moonstone Poetry Series at PhillyCAM
ft. Kimmika LH Williams-Witherspoon, TS Hawkins & Nina Ball

Click HERE for details!


[VIDEO] TS Hawkins, LMP, Kameelah Waheed, Essence Revealed, Maya & Rajdulari Support Tiana Parker!

Seven year old, Tiana Parker of Tulsa Oklahoma, had to switch schools after she was told that she would not be allowed to wear her locs because school officials declared that [they] were not presentable. Her former school Deborah Brown Community School continued to tout "they distract from the respectful and serious atmosphere it (the school) strives for","hairstyles such as dreadlocks, afros, mohawks, and other faddish styles are unacceptable", []...they can have a weave".

LMP- Lady M Productions, reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in her video project. With a resounding YES, I am honored to have helped in a small way to give Tiana and other young girls confidence in who they are and how they choose to represent themselves in a positive way. Thank you LMP for always encouraging people to put their activism where their mouths are!

Click the link below for your first look of LMP's "DEAREST TIANA":


LIVE @ Rivers of Honey [NYC]

#listenNOW to the "softer side" of TS!!!

Performing LIVE at Rivers of Honey in NYC

*More Than A Rendezvous by TS Hawkins with cover of "Stay" by Rihanna
*The Tree Poem by TS Hawkins with cover of "She Keeps Me Warm" by Mary Lambert

(c) TS Hawkins 2013


Performance: RIVERS OF HONEY Annual Underwear Party

Rivers of Honey Annual Underwear Party
Honoring the Goddess ~ OSHUN ~


*Essence Revealed
aka Shanell S Betts
*SASSABRASS: The Poom Poom Priestess
aka Taja Lindley

Click HERE for details!


Poetry Video: Momma's Worry

"Momma's Worry"

by TS Hawkins

Instrumental Music

"Breathe Me" by Sia

Photos & News Audio

ABC News

Poem available in

"Sugar Lumps & Black Eye Blues"


Performance: "For Colored Girls..." at the DC Black Theater Festival

First World Theatre Ensemble is at it again!
The cast and crew of "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enuf" is hitting the stages of the DC Black Theater Festival this week!
Come on down and check us out!

Please be advised that our performance time has been changed from 7pm to 4pm on June 30th.


Public Speaking/Workshop: UPenn 701 Core Students

Thanks Mallory Lopez and the 701 Core Students!
Magnificent time work-shopping and performing my craft with all of them!
Below is the poem that was puzzled together from various thoughts/images about DREAMS!!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we had creating it!

by TS Hawkins, Mallory Lopez & UPenn 701 Core students
© 2013

Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome…

When I lay down and I look to the sky
on white fluffy clouds; nobody would find me
Saw my dreams in this gigantic universe which expand over and over
And those astonishing flamboyant stars motivate me to become my dream;
to make my dream complete with beauty and accomplishment
Moonlight trickles down the spine reminding daybreak to halt;
nocturnal moonshine slips slumber sweetly
Thank goodness my mind can’t be read
I go on…
I dreamed last night that I was on an ocean voyage
Sitting on the seat of the train looking at the sea
No creature; I would look, just found wave block
Don’t want to be tied down, I love my freedom
It’s a big world, in a magic world; maybe
Be in conformist against others saying “go for it”; towards where your heart’s saying
Because, I have a dream
The dream makes me happy
I dream a wonderful dream
My dream is having freedom of life
I have dreams once” said a man
Day dreams all up in my head
I believe my dream comes true” said another
Dreams let you think about big things
I’ve been always asking myself could I make my dreams become true by myself
Dreams motivate you to achieve the things you want” said a woman
It’s difficult to achieve it, but we could make it
Dreams could be more than awesome
Indeed, dreams make us a true man” said the other
I go on…

Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome…


Performance: CEC Annual Fundraiser

The CEC Community Education Center staff and board invite you to the performance fundraiser of the season, The 1st ANNUAL Save the CEC Fundraiser!
A call when out and the artists community responded strong and clear, over a dozen artists/groups will take the stage in support of the CEC.  Dancers, musicians, actor, poets, storytellers, a who's-who on the performance scene.

Artists include:
Groove Factory –just sole and princess di
Group Motion Multi Media Dance Theatre
Charles Tyson's Underground DanceWorks
Flamenco Del Encuentro
First World Theatre Ensemble
poet Just Gregg
Kariamu and Co.: Traditions
DanceSpora-directors Heidi Cruz-Austin formerly with the PA Ballet and David Austin formerly with Rennie Harris Puremovement
Kulu Mele African Dance and Drum Ensemble
Fiidla and members of Urban Classique
International Author & Performance Poet TS Hawkins
Rennie Harris Puremovement

Hosted by
storyteller Jos Duncan & director Ozzie Jones

Sunday, April 28, 2013 at 3PM

PENN MUSUEM’S Harrison Hall
3260 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

$20 in advance
$25 at the door
Tickets can be purchased on line at

If you would like to make a donation of any amount to help the CEC see our website at www.cecarts.org

#supportARTS #giveBACK


Performance: Shubin April Festival

Shubin April Fest, April 26 at 8pm
"Getting Sasha" written by Kate McGrath
Directed by Debra Leigh Scott
Performed by TS Hawkins & Tasha Milkman


A Poem for April

It’s been three years and still
Your name tattooed behind my eyelids
--to never see you again--
Blink vibrations, mimicking crashed moments
Where we slammed forever promises into heart shaped power struggles
Drip quilled memories of once was down splintered cheeks
Bones barely bonded blush meekly
--I always loved you--


Performance: "For Colored Girls..."

For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow Is Enuf
is a 1975 experimental choreopoem by Ntozake Shange;
a production by First World Theatre Ensemble,
directed by Zuhairah McGill

Tiffany Bacon
Meryl Lynn Brown
Tene Fletcher
TS Hawkins
DeAnna Wright
Nicole Stacie

Administration & Crew:
Jackie Taylor Adams (Marketing)
Christopher Thompson (Stage Manager)
Charles Tyson Jr (Choreographer)
Monica Chavez (Light Designer)
Rae Bradley (Sound Designer)
TS Hawkins (Marketing Assistant)


Performance Dates:
Friday March 22 (opening night) 8p
Saturday March 23, 8pm
Sunday March 24, 3pm
Friday March 29, 8pm
Saturday March 30, 8pm
Sunday March 31, 3pm
Friday April 5, 8pm
Saturday April 6, 8pm
Sunday April 7, 3pm

CEC (Community Education Center)
3500 Lancaster Avenue, Philadelphia PA

"For Colored Girls..." has been invited to the DC Black Arts Festival!!!
We will be performing June 22, 23 & 30th!
Stay tuned for details and ticket sales!!!


Performance: International Women's Day Celebration

International Women's Day Celebration
TS Hawkins

International Women’s Day: Celebrating Women & The Arts -
March 8th, 7-9pm 
Don't forget to buy your tickets!!!
I will be performing new pieces from my NEW BOOK,
"The Hotel Haikus" and other oldie but goodies.
CD's and DVD's will be available :-)


Freedom [an Open Letter]

Noodle noosed in cheesed macaroni dalliances
Freedom tastes like we never knew who we were
Fried in white washed ho-cakes
We gorge tall tales of master’s remnants
Carpet bag leftovers
Hunt for complacent collard green dreams
Sojourn truth in watermelon rinds and bread line hand outs
Dabble off china patterned stereotypes
We dish legacy in sambo battered hope because
Freedom tastes like we never knew who we were
Compressed to blissed ignorance
Waffle history in syruped hand-me-downs
Wondering why our children just play chicken to success
Calling the dozens for support and always housebound with egg on their faces
Teaching them that take-out is the way out; a step up
Proving their not bottom feeders
Not knowing they’re just feeding off the bottom of others home cooked desires
Braised; grape balmed
Bottle canned idioms
Shake ‘n baked to fizz through pours
Ponder why clutched purses dredge injustice 

Freedom tastes like we never knew who we were
Because we lap bland promises
And salted neverminds of “we’ll get there soon
Without doing the work
Step into the kitchen
Carve intended destiny to the small of tainted tomes
Remedy rancid rectal recipes 
We’re more than the muted mélange of safe hued attainments 
Blood soaked mountaintops
Or pistol sieved speakeasies 
Medallion mendacities
Block chop fettered portraits flavored in forced subordination 
Stock verity; al dente 
Firm in the belief that seared memories are just as palette-able
Simmer to raw bone
Marrow nape-d
Brazed royally
It’s alright to be savored medium-well
So, invite Harriet to the table when company comes
…she’s been waiting…


Silent No More Tour: NYC performance [full] "Cartons of Ultrasounds"

Silent No More Tour
"Cartons of Ultrasounds" written by TS Hawkins
Mask, Puppet & Direction by Kyla Ferris McHale
Venue: Bushwick Starr

We picket for the unborn; we carton the missing, shush the battered and molest rape victims into believing it’s their fault. In an attempt to generate peace, we've become pieces of the machine that churn our embryos, our girls, our women, our females into seclusion; water-boarding their freedom and manufacturing their wombs with assembly-line legislature. Prisoners to their gender, we, society, have become the parasitic conjoined twin of the dogmatic cycle extending life sentences of invalidation. With scantily clad images, pejorative song lyrics, and abusive homes, we teach them to be the missing, the raped, and the forgotten. ~TS Hawkins



.....THEY'RE BACK!!!

*New Look *New Publisher *New Poems *New Energy

Welcome Back Home
Sugar Lumps and Black Eye Blues
Confectionately Yours
Mahogany Nectar
Lil Blaek Book
The Hotel Haikus!!!

Coming Soon: "The Hotel Haikus" by TS Hawkins & T. McLean

The Hotel Haikus
by TS Hawkins and T. McLean
Cover Design by Rebecca Gissel

The landlord fails to change the locks; evicted tenants make a revengeful return and set the apartment building on fire! Flames, firefighters and fear of the unknown pen a hilariously tragic haiku over and over again. From homelessness to a hotel that looked like the backdrop for any American horror film, poetry became the vehicle trudging these two souls to sanity!


The Diary of Lisa Q ft. "Too Late To Apologize" by TS Hawkins

Opening Night performance of "Too Late To Apologize" by TS Hawkins
Directed by Madi Distefano
Performed by Sarah Schol
Production: The Diary of Lisa Q for BRAT PRODUCTIONS


"Too Late To Apologize" by TS Hawkins premieres in BRAT PRODUCTIONS new production "The Diary of Lisa Q"

I have a piece being featured in Brat Productions show "The Diary of Lisa Q"!!
Come and check it out this weekend:

Brat Productions presents The Diary of Lisa Q
in association with Plays and Players Theater 
A pop-up pub performance by and with the members of Plays and Players Theater

1/18 at 6pm
1/19 at 2pm and 6pm

Come participate in a happy hour of shaggy dog tales, curated by Madi Distefano and written in collaboration with members of Plays and Players Theater. In this simple parlour performance, choose your own adventure as multiple actors narrate the scandalous life of the lady named Lisa, a fictional character with a real-life social media presence. Textual, sensual, served throughout the third floor of Plays and Players Theater, this titillating exposé of the dirty personal secrets of a woman who hangs around a seemingly decadent late-night bar might just make you blush.

In the vein of Conor McPherson’s monologues as well as Madi Distefano’s own Popsicle’s Departure, 1989, local theatre artists and writers, including Jacquie Goldfinger, TS Hawkins, Cubby Altobelli, Lena Barnard, Shoshanna Ruth, Bradley Wrenn, and Brat Resident Artist Brian Grace-Duff, take their hand at depicting the notorious and shadowy character of Lisa Q, as Brat continues to create opportunities for emerging artists to get involved and for established artists to take risks. Listen in as theatre artists do what they spoof best: gossiping, reading from diaries, or just possibly telling the whole truth as they heard it from Lisa herself.

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