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Event/Performance: "Four Queens-No Trump" by Ted Lange [Dec. 5th]

African Arts Theatrical Productions
Endurance Theatrical Productions 


Four Queens – No Trump 

written & directed by Ted Lange 
co-directed by Oceana James 

Meryl Lynn Brown
Bill Egan
TS Hawkins
Baset Sat-Ra
Tamara Woods 

Join us for the staged reading of Ted Lange’s comedic play  Four Queens – No Trump
followed by a discussion with playwright.
An invitation to listen in on the bawdy and brazen conversations
of four women during their weekly card meet.
These dynamic, vivacious and “down home” women
candidly discuss their loves, wins and losses
with outrageous humor as they play the hands dealt
at the table and in life. 

Date: December 5th 2014
Time: 7pm 

Admission: Adults $15 | Students $10 |Seniors $5  
(cash only) 
Location: Overbrook Environmental & Arts Education Center
6134 Lancaster Avenue  Philadelphia, PA 19151 


Legacy & Lineage: Written Alive [Student eBook]

Legacy & Lineage is a course designed by international author and performance poet TS Hawkins. The goal of the course is to have high school students blueprint their imprint with pride by paying homage to classic literary works to quill their own legacy. Using poetry as a vessel to catapult truth, the students utilized styles such as anaphora, haiku, tanka, villanelle and verse while merging lines from classic literary works to help pen their stories. Being influenced by the works of William Shakespeare, Alice Walker, Edgar Allan Poe, Lois Lowry, Tony Kushner, Jeanine Tesori, Maya Angelou, Paula S. Rothenberg and John Colapinto, just to name a few, students learned how to move language from the page to the stage; pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to cultivate a unique voice plus hone proficient skills in creative writing.

“Written Alive” is the culmination of the youth’s presence in print. Poems included in this publication were created solely during the Legacy & Lineage course. From class assignments to emotional free writes, the student’s selected the works that best displayed their current artistic vision. Additionally, before the publication was available to the public, the Legacy & Lineage students became 1ST PLACE ALL-CITY CHAMPIONS during the PYN Showcase!!

Click the photo below to download your FREE COPY now!


you are the poem
in the woods
that no one could write
so you fell
upon deaf ears
and silenced periods
fragmented prophet-less paraphrases
laying open ended
coma-ed commas
malpracticed lullabies
suture black and blue veins
pumping saline salutations
penned revelations
and you die slow
perish in parchmental maybe’s
respirated only by the margins
opposed non-fiction
pushing through rigor
you are the poem
no one could write
so, you’re scribbled
scratched out to the fine print
the undisclosed closure of the masses
loose leaf bound
leatherette lies of the moment
unbroken spine
relation undefined
trading life lines
for time lines
on living walls
of mundane hashtags
ground into recycled carbon data
mined to millions served
you are the poem
no one could write
toe-tagged in albums
long forgotten
algorithm permitting
they poke
or click “like”
sharing a part of you
they never cared to know
instead of quilling
breath to amity


Event: 30/30/1 Philadelphia Celebrates Latina/o Playwrights

30/30/1: Philadelphia Theatre Community Teams up with NoPassport For a Day Celebrating Latina/o Playwrights

In conjunction with the national reading festival by NoPassport, in collaboration with Dominic D'Andrea (Producing Artistic Director, The One-Minute Play Festival, #1MPF), and locally with the Philadelphia New Play Initiative and the Directors Gathering, Plays & Players, Power Street Theater Company, and Tamanya Garza are proud to announce 30/30/1, a celebration of new plays by US Latina/o playwrights.

30/30 is a gathering of 30+ NoPassport playwrights and theatre-makers who also happen to be US Latina/o artists. Each playwright asked to participate has selected one play from their body of work to make part of this scheme. Some are brand new plays. Others are from the author's hidden back catalogue. Others are representative pieces. Some are two handers, others are multi-character pieces. The range is vast and wide, as rich as US Latino theatre writing itself. The plays will be presented as readings in venues both inside and outside of the theatre in cities all over the world over the course of the next three months. 

Tamanya Garza, President of the Board of Directors, Azuka Theatre - Moderator
Daniel Student, Producing Artistic Director, Plays & Players
José Avilés, Director of Education at Taller Puertorriqueno
Walter Bilderback, Dramaturg & Literary Manager at The Wilma Theater
Peter Andrew Danzig, Actor, Acting Scholar and MA Candidate, Villanova University
Julia Lopez, Performance Artist, Las Gallas Art Collective
Rachel O'Hanlon Rodriguez, Actor and Company Manager, EgoPo Classic Theater
Maria D. Quiñones-Sánchez, Councilwoman - 7th District, City of Philadelphia
TS Hawkins, Founder/Station manager of PR Radio Station & ESL Arts Educator

5:00pm: Panel Discussion
7:00pm: Staged Reading 

To reserve a free ticket for the panel conversation and public reading, please go to www.playsandplayers.org or call 215-735-0630.


Performance: PhillyCam Telecast [excerpt]

Mentor/Mentored by Moonstone Arts Center!

Mentor: Dr. Kimmika Williams-Witherspoon
Mentored: TS Hawkins and Nina Ball

Taped: November 12, 2013


Without You

The river tangos wildly
The beaver dams its riches
The foul nestles neatly squawking peace against the dawn
We watch life burst beneath the sun
Pulling for cirrus serenades
Grasping needled nightfall
Never wanting more than gaze
The look; gawk at blunders burping majestic melee
Secretly searing self-shortcomings
Point piddled pined posturing
We watch life burst beneath the sun
Jealous it implodes euphoria sans approval of our souls

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