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Out of Exile [2019]
Theatre Exile, Philadelphia PA
TS Hawkins, Artist-in-Residence, for Theatre Exile’s new program initiative OUT OF EXILE! With workshops and outdoor performances, Out of Exile shares the voices and stories of South Philadelphia through the theatre experience. Workshops include theater games, automatic writing, script writing, revision, and performance!

To Protect, Serve, and Understand [2016]
BAM, Brooklyn NY
Irondale has invited the New York Police Department to join with them in developing a community program that will use theatrical improvisation to build community and empathy between officers and the communities they are charged to protect and serve.

Souls of Black Folk pt.2 [2016]
Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia PA
A multidisciplinary group of artists have been working together to create new work inspired by Michelle Alexander’s award-winning book, The New Jim Crow. The book explores race-related issues specific to African-American males and mass incarceration in the United States. The resulting piece is a theatrical journey through the book using song, dance, poetry and more.

Souls of Black Folk [2015]
Painted Bride Art Center, Philadelphia PA
W.E.B DuBois introduced the ideas of the color lines, the "two-ness" inherent in being a black American and the many other experiences and radical ideas of the human condition. Cara Blouin, LaNeshe Miller-White and the Painted Bride gathered a group of artists to reflect on Dubois' work through discussion, creation and collaboration.

Puppets and Poets [2011/12]
Alphabet Arts: Puppets and Poets, BAX, Brooklyn NY
Hybrid performances blending poetry and puppetry, two of the world's oldest and most diversely practiced artforms. Featuring an eclectic array of poets, puppeteers, musicians, and other artists.

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