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Should All Acquaintance Be Forgot?


[a "because of commercialism" poem]

you provide
though others believe
otherwise despite the jolly
man's demise and the Christ
child denies, yet you shine bright.

...merry xmas...


Black Journey [AFT Tour Dates]

18-Jan 10am Columbia, SC The Township Theater
19-Jan 10am Atlanta, GA Robert Ferst Center for the Performing Arts
20-Jan 10am Birmingham, AL Alabama Theater
21-Jan 10am Montgomery, AL The Davis Theater
24-Jan 10am New Orleans, LA McAlister Auditorium @ Tulane University
25-Jan 10am Thibodaux, LA Harang Municipal Auditorium
26-Jan 10am Baton Rouge, LA Independence Park Theatre
27-Jan 10am Shreveport, LA Strand Theater of Shreveport
28-Jan 9:30am Tulsa, OK Tulsa Performing Arts Center
28-Jan 11:30am Tulsa, OK Tulsa Performing Arts Center
28-Jan 7pm Tulsa, OK Tulsa Performing Arts Center
31-Jan 10am Lafayette, LA Heymann Performing Arts & Convention Center
1-Feb 10am Alexandria, LA Coughlin-Sanders Performing Arts Center
2-Feb 10am Jackson, MS Thalia Mara Hall
3-Feb 10am Little Rock, AR Robinson Music Hall
4-Feb 10am Paragould, AR Collins Theater
7-Feb 10am St. Louis, MO Sheldon Concert Hall
8-Feb 10am Bloomington, IL Bloomington Performing Arts Center
9-Feb 10am Chicago, IL Portage Theater
10-Feb 10am Grand Rapids, MI St. Cecilia Music Society
11-Feb 10am Detroit, MI The Masonic of Detroit
14-Feb 10am Washington, DC Cramton Auditorium @ Howard University
15-Feb 10am Bronx, NY Hostos Center for Arts and Culture
16-Feb 10am Flushing, NY Queens Theater In The Park
16-Feb 12:15pm Flushing, NY Queens Theater In The Park
16-Feb 7pm Flushing, NY Queens Theater In The Park
17-Feb 10am Union City, NJ Park Theater
18-Feb 10am Brooklyn, NY Brooklyn Performing Arts Center
22-Feb 10am Philadelphia, PA Perelman Theater @ The Kimmel Center
22-Feb 12:15pm Philadelphia, PA Perelman Theater @ The Kimmel Center
23-Feb 10am Philadelphia, PA Perelman Theater @ The Kimmel Center
24-Feb 10am Philadelphia, PA Perelman Theater @ The Kimmel Center
25-Feb 10:15am Hyattsville, MD Public Playhouse
25-Feb 12pm Hyattsville, MD Public Playhouse


Wade In The Water

[a found out too late poem]

want to dive head first into you


splash new awakenings

submerge imperfections

come up for air in the vastness of your aqueous comfort

but who knew you were shallow...

Memoirs To The Mirror [part 6]

[a poem for the Queen who thought that this was her only means of escape]

when she smiles/he says "it doesn't glow like hers"/pretending to be un-phased/slices happiness across her veins/watching glistening release/smile back at her...

Own Drummer

[a "I'm not who you want me to be" poem]

paint images in shades of sunflower & songbird/having simile metaphorically create ink filled menagerie/pour every lyric a glass of happily-ever-after/toast to the reunion of word & soul play/"I want to make you happy"/but with the way I write, don't think its possible/close the book, I won't be offended.

Tainted Truth

[an epitaph for love poem]

like molten lava/your apology singes my chest cavity/scorching the ability to find truth in anything else/never should have let you in/but with this lesson/learned that fertile soil lies under devastation/know now that no one is entitled to my love


[an FB status via poem]

run fingers through flesh/making pathways to all orifices/letting taste buds tell stories that great grands will regale in the epic present co-signing history with scents/feasting on sinew syntax/having index and four digits crack codes/dipping memories in pools of passion/salivating greed in second platters/thighs tell no lies when dining by candlelight...


Passing Time

[a memory poem of when "I DO" became "I NEVER"]

As the bellows of your senses push up daisies
That sway southbound on the heels of palm trees
Palms pressed
Forming past prayers in sticker bushes of memories
Usurping gravity
Empty well wishes of cased bed frame’s procession
Gold lined in silence
Pallbearer’s bare secrets too heavy to bear
Where the casket of riches lay tattered in ground-zeroed aftermath
Will you remember…
When time stood still in orifice begged embraces
Only sealed with a poxy-labeled love
Reduced to sheet follies
Where seascapes had a view unable to be captured in oiled snap shots
Should have known that settling for settling
Would leave longing love


In the remains of a carcassing future
Eulogizing vows on the epitaph of ceremonial grandstand
Wished to have eloped with solitude
It seemed easier than way

Bliss protected emotions in tornadoes of doubt
Ignorance shielded by a smidgen of hallucinated reality
Now, the present suffers
Gift wrapped in flustered hurricanes
Making earthquakes lay sturdy pipelines
To the lifeline’s sub-consciousness
you were released

DeceasedYet, still leashed in the WILL power of attorney
Inked fallacies of togetherness
Brailing harlequin tales in legality
Tactilely misrepresenting the union that never could
Left to deal with updates untouched by your quill
WILL it ever end?
Who knew death was the new beginning for life decisions


You Gave Love A Bad Name

[a memory poem]

cliche after cliche
legs spread for the nothing
the whispered assumations
encrypted in the silent caresses
cliche after cliche
led to believe
cleave onto the possibility
that maybe
just maybe
maybe became
just okay...


Jus Noiz [Fall of Poetic Advocacy]

[for "poets" to step up to the mic and spew malarkey wrapped in fecal demise and try to tell listeners its the love trickle on a golden pond]

space where some try to reach the huddle masses
only to become class-less babbling crooks
nuking their lingual palettes with microwaved 'ashes'
noosing prowess within blue-black line divisions rigged in moon dust
star struck
as past griot's ink rots on parchmental head stones
souls reminiscing about when THEN was IS and WERE became NOW
beat nitpicking
barbecued drum circles
conjuring lyrical make-believe
grieving poetic page-boy careers
"time of death"
...was when you took your first breath
stage approached to breach birth predecessors predestined still born
their daily news
just a daily rouse
where merch rests on the chest of those thinking their blessed
suckling on the electrical short in the mic
clogged with nonsense masquerading as spit
spatting halitosis rimmed shrapnel
hitting the brim of the weak minded
poetry is the space between
the nothing that asked to be left alone
disobeying death bed wishes
you took iron will
and resurrected
just noise


White Noiz

[a poetic clearing]

the aftermath of sound
is the hum if silence
coating the air
latching each button loop
tranquility becomes the fingered whisper
controlling the comfort
of what's yet to come
though never staying for too long

About The 4 Letter Word

[a just because poem]

of malicious
...fallen for anyway...



[a #thatisall poem]

made love to midnight/rubbed starlight & stardust as the KY linking dippers around belts/caterwauled moans/celestial neighbors now knowing the names encrypted in vibratious screams/Sun & Moon accepting new roles of voyeurism/unwanting to interrupt passion/days are delayed/nights pulling multiple third shifts wishing on stars left behind/for its turn to cum

Pillow Talk

[a "just thinking about you poem]

sleep at the hem of your thigh
lusting for it all...


Endless Altitude

[a poetic inspiration from Jill Scott's "The Sky Is Not Your Ceiling"]

over troubled water/sinking sands bow to the majesty/that one day it is just that/over/spell bound in hyperboles and similes/destiny is written at the quill of the meek's strong will/the "sky is not your ceiling" according to Jill/survivors desire higher...

Love Smells Like...[part II]

[a poetic continuation to Love Smells Like... written last month]

love smells like blue skies & grey days mating to make mauve afternoons
in the park
where I allowed you to borrow my womb
signing sweet somethings over hymen's braille
never knowing you were more fluent in Spanish
waiting for the next tamale to season your taste buds
while lingering in the palette of no return
rain clouds hail storm
"its not you its me"

Love Noiz

[a past poetic retrieval inspired by Passionate Mindz "Open Letter to Love"]

embrace; elevated consciousness of falsified energy
lie next to lies told to categorize a nature of unnatural humanity
existing between cosmic space of osmosis and bi-labial demise
trusting this energy; fatal
soul bowing out to serendipitous melancholy
unplugging receptors stationed at heart's portal
who knew love was spelled "f-i-c-k-l-e"
static noise sounds more comforting...


Beat Drop

[for the love of oneness]

want to dance/groove with the nothing there is to offer but continually give to others/sweat until funk jams the soul into repetitious glee/free in 2 steps be-bopping sliding in electric lines to the beginning of serenity/want to dance/because that's where happy lives...


Come Home...

[just one of the poetic voices circling about]

sleeping with a levied heart
flooding all chambers with you
hydrating the fallow
due to you

For Pensakes

[a poetic response challenge for writing about "the bittersweet"]

pensively penning shaw shanked dreams
masturbating forethoughts
hoping orgasmic shivers imitate
what once was
before bedhead crowned deadend prospects
eyelids saline drip no solutions
restitution; the tattered comforter
where pillows attempt to siphon rational
...you never loved me...


Thou Shall Not...[UN-fair]

[a poetic response to the UN voting that gay people can be EXECUTED
without cause]

she walks down streetways
handheld in arm's gaze with her [one]
the only
who UNderstands how her heart beats
her favorite treats
the sway of her greeting sunlight
the swag of her tongue shifting dusk
to moonlit memories of forever more
her nagging nature
and her nourishing soul
UNbeknownst to them that tomorrow may never come

he leans chest-ward
nape inward, park lingering at his majesty
his [one]
the only
that never UNderestimates his manhood
knows how to juggle his strengths
nurture his weaknesses
swaddle intimacy in love strokes
as if every time was the first
UNfortunately, it may be their last

even though they say
"I Do" in bedded courtrooms
others don't want them to be happy
as if their relationship has made the world impotent
majority falls infertile
as CHURCH wants to fornicate with STATE
despite their divorce
of course
the dynasties take time to break the fast for segregation

...when did LOVE become the 11th commandment...


240 Shout Out

240 #alldayeveryday

Poetry As Performance [240] started as a Temple University class and turned into a poetic movement! It is an honor and pleasure to be a part of that family!!!

So I will be dedicating some of my posts to my 240 Family that continue to write [poetry, op ed, memoir or otherwise] after the grades have been submitted!

First 240 Shout Out goes to REN LIAM! See what's on her mind!
Click Here: Proving your SEX WORTH


Awe Struck

[a poetic confession]

dripping ecstasy from nectar rimmed labia
bilaterally fringed
tongued whisked on the glory soon to be labeled delicacy
you're more than mere garnish
a savory sip supple satisfaction
making "lip smacking good"
wish it birth seasonings unfettered by common taste buds
a cuisine soul filling
the body bursts orgasmic belches
manifesting space to consume gelee's du jour
palette-able encore rip roaring herbs and spices
prance on chef plattered specials
"pardon...garcon, serve me some her again"



[a Facebook favorite during the "short poetry" challenge]

rubber necking streams of consciousness
read, go faster
common sensual knowledge
belted in miles per horror
intoxicated in yellows
yielding for naught
envy flashes
blinking "told-you-so" tones deafening to hindsight
knew adoring you was an accident waiting to commence...

Untitled For The Unplanned

[an "oldie but goodie" from a poetry challenge of short works]

pungent post-mortem phalanges
birthing death whispers
in morning dew carbonation
"I should of killed myself when he put it in me"
could have been foreseen
in prophylactic tactics
blue born prints map new journeys

...happy birthday irony...


Untitled For []...


licking arias on your clit
let melancholy melodies drip whole notes down my throat
sing in me
stroke symphonies until G spot beats
overturing flats
major scaling a new cacophony
sheet skeeting
left and right hip
conduct backside slip
orchestrating commands
fingering lullabies in bass tones
"can you hear the treble clef in your abdomen?"
break rhythm
sections strum harder
earning attention from the strings
pluck once more for improvisation
never knew standing ovations tasted so sweet!

Home Schooled

[a poetic response to governmental ignorance trying to pass laws 
stating that homosexuals, unmarried women with children and pedophiles
shouldn't be allowed to teach children]

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
I will teach my kids that eco-friendly means giving green cards to your enemies
provide new declaration to terroristic threat
Hitler heil down your door
draft whore your sons to your daughter's maiden head ideologies of revenge

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
I'd bring back the Salem Witch trials
for those seldom trial-ed white collared button downs
stake burn their souls in writ book blaze night skies
under twinkling demise
birth heirs of Tichiba
while conjuring potions in the lost art of honesty

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
in P.E
teach them aviation
to be the next nation of airline sophisication
fly straight though your skull
allow mental menstruation to leak reality down your forethoughts

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
use SEX ED as a political hot bed of deadhead tactics
fucking every bowel twisted lie with maniacal fudgery
where being anal retentive gets you ass jabbed by humanity

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
history becomes his story finger raped by rectitude's misery
parched parchment draped in blood stain molasses
while repetitious anarchy slow brews
sin sipped through embryonic teacups
juxtaposed pinky up
saddle bagging high noon
twelve paces back to the moment where the forefathers
should've been held at gun point to pen the truth

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
take civility wedged up the flag pole
salute against status quo
for your safety
you want my kid to be the cookie cutter
passport carrying
"America the Beautiful" soothsayer
so by all means
concede to the faggot
the flat-backing unmarried miscreant
the bigot
the pedophile
to teach my kid
despite what you deem as personal flaws
their bound by law
to spew the standardized fabrications
you call 'education' 

A Poem Smells Like

[a response to a poetry challenge]

a poem smells like...
maple syrup
splattered on momma's milk buttered Tuesday morning's flapjacks
usually a Saturday special
this mid-week treat done just to see the smile of her child

a poem smells like...
a lover's cum melded between index and pointered digits
etched in phallangic folds of love's lust memory foam

a poem smells like...
timid revenge masquerading as control
molten lava emotions
creating pinguid playmates for childhood antics

...writing continues despite...

a poem smells like...
the aftercry of an adolescent soul
knowing the full price for decisions made

a poem smells like...
summer's end
falling into new semesters of old lessons
class sessions of malarkful happenstance
only crediting regurgitated knowledge

a poem smells like...
an odoriferous lullaby
the sullen serenade
of wishes and dreams from the breast plate of a newborn mother

...and writing continues despite...


Uncommon Sense

[a poetic response to those who refuse to heed advice]

her name...
vicious cycle
etched on her fallopian tubes
emanating pungent ovarian denial
uterus[ly] susceptible to crowning bad news
he pounds 360's into vaginal retinas
producing semen induced irises
glazed in protein complacency

with champagne cancer rimmed dreams
now, bid her adieu

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