"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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"Seeking Silence" a Puppets&Poets preview

"Seeking Silence" [preview]

group members: Renee Dumouchel, TS Hawkins, Katie Issel, Kyla McHale Kollmer, Joe Therrien, Kathryn Wilkening
video/written by TS Hawkins


Class Prompt: "Everyday I Hear You Touch"

Everyday I hear you touch the space fears inhabit
unabashed, we cuddle, cradled in un-spaced parenthesis
adore how we whisper forevers in silent vows
love is written this way...


Class Prompt: "Sound Tastes Like"

sound tastes like absent memories
quoted when hard times have no reason
scapegoated fallacies dipped in bonny bombshell tryst
failing to digest truth
left sweetbreads unseasoned
silent fables bitter brimmed
sound tastes like unflaxed promises


Class Assignment: Anaphora #2

Last night, the sprat, for tomorrow has to be better
Last night, a fusty reminder that security isn’t secure
Last night taught me that preparation needs preparation
Last night, sooted wails coated the place once my adytum
Last night, it burned down


Class Assignment: Anaphora

She told me we would dance on moonlight and kiss while still water turned pale with jealousy
She told me that tomorrow was yesterday's dream to wake up alongside me; create the us un-inked by strangers
She told me we were each other's one, only, sole soul...mate; check...
She told me that the pawns of the past would never rook the present. So when she found her new queen
She told me it was over with the "its not you, its me". With all whatever left to muster on my chess
She told me to have faith in her. The problem was...I did...

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