"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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Class Assignment: Suicide Poem

to die in your arms
is something already accomplished
not bound to repeats
found cliffs edge comforting
slice vertical I Love You’s
wanting the pin-drop remains to sound like the sweet nothings
never breathed during a pillowed evening
bathed in electric embrace
drank pilled forget-me-nots
hoping you’d find me slain by your neglect
but the movie disregarded to show the part
where you never showed
to die in your arms
is something already accomplished
not bound to repeats
now can’t
the movie failed to show the part
where you never showed


Untitled for Yesterday

hate the smell of wet perm
odoriferous alarm clock
wakening the walk of shame reigned down pour
never umbrella owned
went natural to placate the obvious lesson unlearned


Written Word

Catharsis wrapped in self-reliance
Adjuvant in the development of personhood
Without the written word
Body lies on a bed of discontentment
Rigored thoughts
Blood siphoned
Without the lingual quill
Nothing moves forward
When you give a girl a pen
You make an honest woman out of her
Breathing honesty in every page
Creating the mogul-the maverick-the majestic
Many solutions
Many powers
Many achievements
Pulse for the heartbeat
Throbbing with creativity

Birthing essences from scratch
Without it

Nothing moves f o r w a r d


The Color of Sex

Burnt finger-tipped trail
Mapped traveled euphoria
Sangria scarlet satin sheets
Leak tales where walls remain abundantly jealous
No longer aplomb to future gossip
Voyeur only to the satisfactory yowl
Flesh flame a gammon folly
After moments harlequin estrus sets in
Hoping for repetition
Midnight blues flax when goodbyes render no point of return
Charcoal chagrin replay if messages where mixed
If ecstasy and enstasy beige through fuscous
Runic rustic grey lines
Sketch old adages un-bandaged

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