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Event || the Are We Free Yet? project by TS Hawkins

the Are We Free Yet? project based on the book by Tina Strawn curated, written & directed by TS Hawkins October 2024 an elevated stage reading at Theatre Exile TICKETING INFORMATION coming soon! COMMUNITY EVENTS *ASL & Creative Chatback *Champagne Celebration CAST/CREW/CREATIVES Cynda Purnell as  ANTIQUITY Maria Genao Beltre as  DESTINE√Č tba reading stage directions Tina Strawn - author of Are We Free Yet? The Black Queer Guide to Divorcing America (Row House Publishing) TS Hawkins - playwright, director, curator & dramaturg, marketing manager, stage manager AngelPirate Productions - producer Gabrielle Corsaro - assistant stage manager Ella Namour - light & sound operator tba - still photography Prime Act Media LLC - videographer LISTEN TO THE MOODLIST on Spotify ABOUT THE PLAY Through sound and verse, we sojourn in an afro-future encapsulated within a Sunday dinner unpacking decades and dynasties of epigenetic memories. Will the future ever progress against the

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