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Events || Becoming Saturn [album release]

BECOMING SATURN writer and poet TS Hawkins TRACKS black joy is… from (an elegy, too) across the pillow, we… receive me they’ll neglect to tell you adornment we be peaches Becoming Saturn © TS Hawkins, Prime Act Media LLC 2023 release date coming soon! TS HAWKINS is an international author, performance poet, art activist, playwright, trauma-informed educator, and member of the Dramatists Guild. Plays, short works, and books include Seeking Silence , sweet bread peaches (formerly, Cartons of Ultrasounds ), Too Late to Apologize , In Their Silence (formerly, They’ll Neglect to Tell You ), #RM2B , The Secret Life of Wonder: a prologue in G , AGAIN , #SuiteReality , “ don’t wanna dance with ghosts...” , Sugar Lumps & Black Eye Blues , Confectionately Yours , Mahogany Nectar , Lil Blaek Book: all the long stories short , and The Hotel Haikus . Hawkins’ works and powerful performances have been praised by BroadwayWorld, Philly Voice, NPR, WHYY, WURD Radio, Philadelphia Weekly, Chicag

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Events || sweet bread peaches by TS Hawkins


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Events || In Their Silence by TS Hawkins


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