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Events | Ring of Keys & Backstage present: Queering Casting & Authentic Representation

While it is illegal to ask someone’s sexuality and gender identity in hiring practices, authentic representation is vital. How do we bridge the gap? Listen in as Ring of Keys Members discuss the importance of trans and queer representation in our industry, how we can achieve it, and what resources can be used for identity-conscious casting. On May 10th at 4PM , the conversation will include queer perspectives in casting, performance, playwrighting, dramaturgy, acting, on and Off-Broadway, and more. M oderated by Ring of Keys members Emily Tarquin (they/them) and Kevin Kantor (they/them), the panelists will include Keys   TS Hawkins (they/them),  Miss Hazel Jade (she/her), Charlie Hano (he/him), Christine McKenna-Tirella (she/her), Sushma Saha (she/they/xe/he), Josephine Kearns (she/her), and Michelle Mary Schaefer (she/her).   Backstage is presenting the conversation in partnership with Ring of Keys. RoK is an artist service organization that fosters community and visibility

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