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Passing Time

[a memory poem of when "I DO" became "I NEVER"]

As the bellows of your senses push up daisies
That sway southbound on the heels of palm trees
Palms pressed
Forming past prayers in sticker bushes of memories
Usurping gravity
Empty well wishes of cased bed frame’s procession
Gold lined in silence
Pallbearer’s bare secrets too heavy to bear
Where the casket of riches lay tattered in ground-zeroed aftermath
Will you remember…
When time stood still in orifice begged embraces
Only sealed with a poxy-labeled love
Reduced to sheet follies
Where seascapes had a view unable to be captured in oiled snap shots
Should have known that settling for settling
Would leave longing love


In the remains of a carcassing future
Eulogizing vows on the epitaph of ceremonial grandstand
Wished to have eloped with solitude
It seemed easier than way

Bliss protected emotions in tornadoes of doubt
Ignorance shielded by a smidgen of hallucinated reality
Now, the present suffers
Gift wrapped in flustered hurricanes
Making earthquakes lay sturdy pipelines
To the lifeline’s sub-consciousness
you were released

DeceasedYet, still leashed in the WILL power of attorney
Inked fallacies of togetherness
Brailing harlequin tales in legality
Tactilely misrepresenting the union that never could
Left to deal with updates untouched by your quill
WILL it ever end?
Who knew death was the new beginning for life decisions


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