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News: Writer-in-Residence TS Hawkins for Swim Pony's #TrailOff

August 2019: TS Hawkins is a Writer-in-Residence at Swim Pony Performing Arts for TrailOff as THE RANGER! TrailOff will be a transmedial walking performance created by Swim Pony in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC), premiering June 2020 as a free-to-download mobile app. Central to the project are 10 original audio stories, inspired by paths within the region’s expansive Circuit Trail network. Each trail will feature an original drama that unfolds over a roughly 2-mile route, written by local authors who demonstrate both rigorous artistic practice and connections to communities traditionally under-served by environmental programming. Click here to learn more!


August 2020: Meet the creative wizards behind TrailOff’s original story guide: THE RANGER! Written by international author, performance poet, art activist, and playwright TS Hawkins & performed by Starfire, Philly’s premiere Curator of Energy & Creative Expression, The Ranger is here to blanket your travels with all of their Black Girl Magic and guide your journey to holistic wonderment! TrailOff will launch September 2020!

PRESS: Philly Metro - Explore Philly like never before with two new walking experiences "... A team of writers, actors and musicians then spent two years with Mackey and sound designer/composer Michael Kiley creating the audio-dramas you hear in TrailOff. Mackey also worked with writer TS Hawkins to develop a central narrator character (a mythic being called The Ranger) who guides users through the app, voiced by local performer STARFIRE..."


  1. This team is magic and fire!

  2. You really can't go wrong with these two together!!!

  3. Their creative powers will ensure you are in good hands when walking trails!

  4. I really want to experience this. I need this in my life!


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