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Silent No More Tour: NYC performance [full] "Cartons of Ultrasounds"

Silent No More Tour
"Cartons of Ultrasounds" written by TS Hawkins
Mask, Puppet & Direction by Kyla Ferris McHale
Venue: Bushwick Starr

We picket for the unborn; we carton the missing, shush the battered and molest rape victims into believing it’s their fault. In an attempt to generate peace, we've become pieces of the machine that churn our embryos, our girls, our women, our females into seclusion; water-boarding their freedom and manufacturing their wombs with assembly-line legislature. Prisoners to their gender, we, society, have become the parasitic conjoined twin of the dogmatic cycle extending life sentences of invalidation. With scantily clad images, pejorative song lyrics, and abusive homes, we teach them to be the missing, the raped, and the forgotten. ~TS Hawkins


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