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"Too Late To Apologize" by TS Hawkins premieres in BRAT PRODUCTIONS new production "The Diary of Lisa Q"

I have a piece being featured in Brat Productions show "The Diary of Lisa Q"!!
Come and check it out this weekend:

Brat Productions presents The Diary of Lisa Q
in association with Plays and Players Theater 
A pop-up pub performance by and with the members of Plays and Players Theater

1/18 at 6pm
1/19 at 2pm and 6pm

Come participate in a happy hour of shaggy dog tales, curated by Madi Distefano and written in collaboration with members of Plays and Players Theater. In this simple parlour performance, choose your own adventure as multiple actors narrate the scandalous life of the lady named Lisa, a fictional character with a real-life social media presence. Textual, sensual, served throughout the third floor of Plays and Players Theater, this titillating exposé of the dirty personal secrets of a woman who hangs around a seemingly decadent late-night bar might just make you blush.

In the vein of Conor McPherson’s monologues as well as Madi Distefano’s own Popsicle’s Departure, 1989, local theatre artists and writers, including Jacquie Goldfinger, TS Hawkins, Cubby Altobelli, Lena Barnard, Shoshanna Ruth, Bradley Wrenn, and Brat Resident Artist Brian Grace-Duff, take their hand at depicting the notorious and shadowy character of Lisa Q, as Brat continues to create opportunities for emerging artists to get involved and for established artists to take risks. Listen in as theatre artists do what they spoof best: gossiping, reading from diaries, or just possibly telling the whole truth as they heard it from Lisa herself.


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