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A Poem Smells Like

[a response to a poetry challenge]

a poem smells like...
maple syrup
splattered on momma's milk buttered Tuesday morning's flapjacks
usually a Saturday special
this mid-week treat done just to see the smile of her child

a poem smells like...
a lover's cum melded between index and pointered digits
etched in phallangic folds of love's lust memory foam

a poem smells like...
timid revenge masquerading as control
molten lava emotions
creating pinguid playmates for childhood antics

...writing continues despite...

a poem smells like...
the aftercry of an adolescent soul
knowing the full price for decisions made

a poem smells like...
summer's end
falling into new semesters of old lessons
class sessions of malarkful happenstance
only crediting regurgitated knowledge

a poem smells like...
an odoriferous lullaby
the sullen serenade
of wishes and dreams from the breast plate of a newborn mother

...and writing continues despite...


  1. I love the smell of poetry.

  2. A Poem Smells Like... Wow ! Really digging that. Please continue.

  3. @Locksofapoet: As do I, thanks for taking the time to check out my site. More poetry and updates to come!

  4. @Yvette: Hey Queen, thanks so much. There are more poems to posts so stay tuned. Check out the rest of my poems on the home page and tell me what you think :D


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