"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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Masterclasses + Workshops

+You say you're not a poet? Let me show you otherwise!
+1 hour session
*Introductory Poetry Course

+In a topsy-turvy social political media driven climate, how does one search for peace? Through various poetic activities, attendees will explore what it means to own one's voice and solace of mind!
+Two (2) 90 minute sessions
*Intermediate Poetry Course

+Producing work that transcends the page to thrive on stage!
+Three (3) 90 minute sessions
*Advanced Poetry Course

+Group and 1-on-1 sessions dedicated to fine tuning writings for college admission & creative writing opportunities!
+1-2 hour sessions

+High school aged students blueprint their imprint with pride by paying homage to classic literary works to quill their own legacy. Using poetry as a vessel to catapult truth, the students utilized styles such as anaphora, haiku, tanka, villanelle and verse while merging lines from classic literary works to help pen their stories. Being influenced by the works of William Shakespeare, Alice Walker, Edgar Allan Poe, Lois Lowry, Tony Kushner, Jeanine Tesori, Maya Angelou, Paula S. Rothenberg and John Colapinto, just to name a few, students learned how to move language from the page to the stage; pushing themselves out of their comfort zone to cultivate a unique voice plus hone proficient skills in creative writing!
+1 hour session

+This poetry course is used to assist Spanish speaking students with sentence mapping and English comprehension at the Intro Level!
+1 hour session

"Working with others can allow you to come to some great conclusions!" -Jessica

"Art truly can be activism. I really loved this activity and working with you. I was truly inspired. THANK YOU!" -Amanda M.

"Collaborative writing is not as hard as it seems! Thank you for sharing with us! I look forward to seeing more of your work." -Sarah

"I loved the attention to everyone's personal experiences & feelings, and how they remained part of a larger group discussion & final works. Thank you TS!!!" -Aurora T.

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