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"Creating poetry through collaboration is very freeing and inspiring. TS Hawkins is a gifted workshop facilitator. I was expecting this to be an informative and enjoyable experience, and it was. But, it was also transformative and joyous!" -Gabrielle C. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy 101: Choreopoem Masterclass)

"Working with others can allow you to come to some great conclusions!" -Jessica (Arts As Activism)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would definitely be interested in participating in another!" -Cynda P. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy 101: Choreopoem Masterclass)

"Art truly can be activism. I really loved this activity and working with you. I was truly inspired. THANK YOU!" -Amanda M. (Arts As Activism)

"I learned to be creatively vulnerable with others at all stages of the process and how it can be exhilarating and empowering. This was one of the best workshops I have ever taken!" -Autumn K. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy)

"I learned about the courage of my convictions and the joy of collaboration! TS was an inspiring and wonderfully enabling workshop leader. This was one of the most innovative workshops I've had the privilege to attend!" -Lisa L. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy)

"Collaborative writing is not as hard as it seems! Thank you for sharing with us! I look forward to seeing more of your work." -Sarah (Arts As Activism)

"The class was well suited to for an online format and I was able to get a more in depth understanding of poetry." -Katrina H. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy 101: Choreopoem Masterclass)

"I loved the attention to everyone's personal experiences & feelings, and how they remained part of a larger group discussion & final works. Thank you TS!!!" -Aurora T. (Arts As Activism)

"TS made collaboration easy, and meaningful!" -Rich S. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy)

"TS did an outstanding job of getting students past many of their writing insecurities by creating an atmosphere where they could express the baggage they carry through their poetry. Thank you for this offering!" -Johari F. (It Don't Gotta Rhyme)

"It was a lot of fun and motivating at the same time. I have been struggling with some work in development and having fun with writing was a breakthrough for me. Additionally, collaborative work can be expansive. I enjoyed this process and learned to be more open!" -Lois M. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy 101: Choreopoem Masterclass)

"TS is an amazing facilitator!" -Johannah B. (It Don't Gotta Rhyme)

"I loved everything about this class. I learned that collaborating with people on poems can be fun. And, that I don't need to make poetry "hard". And, I hope to work with TS Hawkins again soon!"-Ephipany S. (Thrivin' Ain't Easy 101: Choreopoem Masterclass)

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