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For Colored Girls...

[a poetic response]

My love is too "just enough" to have thrown back in my face/to face the intelligence you seem to think I don't possess/as if the hot bed of mistakes didn't last long enough for you to remember my name/for when you told the story non linear to the truth embedded in the nape of your neck/you've created spookhouse in my soul/& I don't get to receive a paycheck after the credits have rolled/a bold move for someone once afraid of the darkness/where cellar beds were flat-mates/sharing fags/haggling tales/doctoring forget me knots in key slots doubling as sympathy/now you hold the key & refuse to open doors/all you are good for is dangling last hopes out blockbuster windows/like the yellow coward you are/nightstand hiding behind $12.50/I could have masturbated with more urgency/this is why we considered suicide/because you already left our rainbow out to die...


  1. contempary phrases in a historical context. done fairly nice

  2. @-nef: Thanks for reading my post! I'm by way of PA. I see you are from GA, I just finished a touring stint there and planning to come back!

  3. @svn: I know you have a busy schedule so thanks for taking time to read it.

  4. werd...tell'em how you really feel. this is my fav quote "doctoring forget me knots in key slots doubling as sympathy" :

  5. "i could have masturbated with more urgency"...indeed.indeed.
    pure badassery. please post this on something somewhere that he can possibly see it.


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