"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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Home Schooled

[a poetic response to governmental ignorance trying to pass laws 
stating that homosexuals, unmarried women with children and pedophiles
shouldn't be allowed to teach children]

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
I will teach my kids that eco-friendly means giving green cards to your enemies
provide new declaration to terroristic threat
Hitler heil down your door
draft whore your sons to your daughter's maiden head ideologies of revenge

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
I'd bring back the Salem Witch trials
for those seldom trial-ed white collared button downs
stake burn their souls in writ book blaze night skies
under twinkling demise
birth heirs of Tichiba
while conjuring potions in the lost art of honesty

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
in P.E
teach them aviation
to be the next nation of airline sophisication
fly straight though your skull
allow mental menstruation to leak reality down your forethoughts

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
use SEX ED as a political hot bed of deadhead tactics
fucking every bowel twisted lie with maniacal fudgery
where being anal retentive gets you ass jabbed by humanity

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
history becomes his story finger raped by rectitude's misery
parched parchment draped in blood stain molasses
while repetitious anarchy slow brews
sin sipped through embryonic teacups
juxtaposed pinky up
saddle bagging high noon
twelve paces back to the moment where the forefathers
should've been held at gun point to pen the truth

you don't want my living room to be a classroom
take civility wedged up the flag pole
salute against status quo
for your safety
you want my kid to be the cookie cutter
passport carrying
"America the Beautiful" soothsayer
so by all means
concede to the faggot
the flat-backing unmarried miscreant
the bigot
the pedophile
to teach my kid
despite what you deem as personal flaws
their bound by law
to spew the standardized fabrications
you call 'education' 


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