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HIStory: Texas Chapter

we were raped
pussies eaten
then hung like slaughter
fearing freedom

may one day never cum

we waited
and still

you wish to Whitewash wrong doings
re-scribble history
creating inaccuracies
pretending equality always existed

we were stolen
chewed by scientific experiments
due to the 3/5th human lie
or the one drop rule diatribe
won't let you stand by and promote

that we journeyed voluntarily
fuck your Atlantic Exchange
we're shackled
still shackled
handcuffed in your White American Dream
with highlighted mulatto President

that "pulled his own bootstraps"
the truth
you helped him through
to pacify brownstones to shut the fuck up
but guess the fuck what
your plans are mute
my children will not grow up

in the parachute of your deceit

we were lynched
and Lord only knows what else
of we continue to let you pelt our humanity
explain, Texas BOE
why the need to spread hypocrisy
drizzle past fallacies in mouths of our youth
serving hate on a silver plate
will never forgive you
if you publish those lies as fate
the only thing insane about Barack Hussein
is thinking you bigots were ever going to change
and if folks sit back allowing the Slave Trade to be called an "Exchange"
as if the Talented Ten and Mr. Washington

sat over tea
explaining in detail that being slaves is what we wanted to be
a true capitalist need
"a win-win"
a straight up back deal with a side of moon-shined gin
...a sin...

we were maimed
but three words of advice
educated Kings and Queens
will stand against the obscene
and wipe the floor clean with the blood of your misdeeds
No PTA meeting will ever be safe
because hell will be made
day after day after day
until truth has the final say...


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