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In Jesus Name?

[a "for when religious figure heads over step their boundaries" poem. The line "somewhere in the Vatican alter boys are still being counted" comes couresty of L. ScottLorde]

"in the name of the Father...Son...Hold my butt cheeks..."
pray to the deities that the bible shall never meet my rectory
hymns null vibrations of Psalms
Lorde's prayer humming Revelations
that make Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John
bareback mountaintop sermons
all the while knowing that somewhere in the Vatican alter boys are still being counted
tripped out congregation
believing that the spirit needs to cum inside them
deliver ill-legitimate line reads of
"our Father that has me bed-ridden,
hollowed be thy faith..."
flatbacked prayers having Jesus' name coursing through veins
taking the shaft
face first
a spined scripture
was once the only leg to stand on
with each religious lie
lie nightly spiraled
semen plastered
no foreplay
Genesis forehead kissed drenched
content with knowing I'll never tell
faith baited mustard seed breath
reeking the truth that somewhere in the Vatican alter boys are still being counted
muted secret love affair of church and state
allowing Holy Ghost to poke, prod and suture
what's left of my eyes watching God
not the bluest I've seen
but pale enough to dismiss my pleas
told this majesty would'nt give me more than I could bare
yet, indoctrinated with barefoot and pregnant prophecies
multiplying in my tepid womb
exit this...
abort these fallacies
if you're truly in the saving business
unsplinter crowned thorns around the dick of my uterus
set free this loomed ideology that has only stroked the ego of your phallic nature
knowing full well
somewhere in the Vatican alter boys are still being counted

Click Here: IN JESUS NAME (live)


  1. Powerful piece that explains "The New Blessing" of "The New Church." I like how your poetry speaks with authority and provides vivid images. Much to be admired :) Samara (@MsSamaraMarie)

  2. The world play is absolutely amazing. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!

  3. I agree with Chelsie your word play is awesome. Good Job!!!

  4. @Samara: Thank you for your kind words!!!!! I really appreciate your continued support of my poetry!!

  5. @Chelsie: #240! Congrats on your final performance and thanks for showing another Alum so love.

  6. @Adrien: THANK YOU :-)

  7. That poem pulls no punches. :) I was an alter boy & nobody ever messed with me. I was sexy, too! WTF :p

  8. "inJesusName" that was a deep piece!! WOW Eye Opening!!

  9. nicely done, but I thinbk you're too easy on them.

  10. powerful statement


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