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Prelude to 09: 2008

[a "poem for a poem" poem]

from the bowls of your misdeeds|still
uttered those words that I promised to gate keep in my spirit
despite piety and rectitude
where rectum and jurisdiction created un-lubbed compromises
the grandeur|tipping cup runneth over
essence barricaded in aqueous qua-linear scaffolding
plummeting to the abyss of your omission-ed never-minds|I
still uttering those words
I promised to gate keep in my spirit
reminding me that the birth of this relationship was its death
giving no choice but to live in damnation
fighting for an ascribed hell to claim ownership to|I
loved you even when it burned
foiled over consciousness
baked raw in open flames
engulfing new aromas
nothingness of morning
dawned nothing but mourning
where teardrops and gunshots
alarm clock reality
when did I|
stop loving me for you


  1. "when did I|
    stop loving me for you...." is the eternal question that we all seek the answer to. Perfection!

  2. @SirPrince: Thank you "240"

  3. @PhillyVirgo: Thanks Queen!!! How did your photoshoot go?

  4. This was really good! I really love the line " gate keep in my spirit." This was very deep.

  5. @Laura Lynn: Thank you very much!!! I appreciate your support :-)


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