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Smooth Groove

[a "midnight thought" poem]

I want to slow dance
toe wrap in beat snaps
that cadence down my spine
dipping me until I can no longer keep time
where tango and meringue salsa
samba the ballroom
foxtrot atop backbone beats
grooving delicately to arm freestyle
I need to slow dance
point and flex where I've never bent before
waltz swooning to rhythms unprecedented
I crave to slow dance
ballet balance to the cleft lullaby in my heart
each half note tatted with your name
veins pulse for only you
the promenade I always yearned for


  1. I like the rhythm of this. I bet its a nice spoken word piece.

  2. @Angela: Thanks very much darling!

  3. @Theron: Thank you very much for taking the time to read the work on my site and taking the time to comment|share it with others!! Please fell free to come back :-)

  4. @Khane: Thanks for checking me out and that you liked the piece! ::smiles:: How are you?


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