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[an honesty poem]

I don't write erotic poetry...
where pussies resemble Georgia O'Keefe
over acrylic-ed via open mic nights
and ugly lesbian wet dreams
attempting to sound deep on similes they could never spell
where penises become poles more scaled than strippers
and Santa's elves

I don't write erotic poetry...
where chandeliers are on their last nerve
dry dangled tricks to compensate for an underrated dick switch
where neighbors know my name and not my humanity
Tom, Dick and Harry become my offspring's surname
failing to keep the fuck tally in order

I don't write erotic poetry...
so the woman, 5th seat from the back
gains the courage to ask me out
because my words are better than my looks
I'm not a lingual crook
using synonyms for the antonyms of reality

I don't write erotic poetry...
doing time for rhythm and rhyme
when it could stand still in an embrace
infinity loop around the synapses that make parchment
pen memories it regales alone
because some things aren't meant to be shared
prophylactic-less microphone exchanging spit that no one has gotten tested
will not highlight an evening of my musing

I don't write erotic poetry...

...and neither should you...


  1. thanks for the tweet...i would have missed this...i really liked it..punchy to the pint and a damn good flow..cheers pete

  2. Thanks Pete!!! :-)

  3. This made me giggle to the fact I write like this sometimes. ... And I should stop now lol. I like this.

  4. @Angela: Some individuals that title themselves "erotic poets" do completely to much to over extend the written word about what exactly is erotic about a situation or person. Its more honest if they just display the story. I would never discourage anyone from keep on lil sis! The more you write and compare your old work with your new work you will see your growth and pick a voice that works amazing for you!! Best of luck in the slam. Keep me posted so I can come support.


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