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Help Me Hear Mermaids Singing

Witches’ brew; frolic
Cackle and coo séanced tongue
At pagan pace, paw spirits through integument
Necromance me
Singed in salaciousness
Conjure dalliances befitting magnificent thirst
Entreat souls
Pray inside me
Enlace rosary and Hail Mary’s choked wisdom
Soil remains in scriptured repentance
Baptize ecstasy 
Secular secretions clear confusions
With scarlet affixed cross brows
Discover the lost art of veracity
Tell no one
Silence the wind
Yield from shattering bone
Fill fecund fissures in incantations 
Beckon in breathed novelty
Tomb tainted tomes 
Love noted in limited lettering
Spellbinding beginnings with back bending worship
Stimulate me anew


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