"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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For Chevonne & Zahree Thomas [Untitled 82612]

“I wanna know
Please show me
I wanna know
About the stranger like me”

There was a time when she could have
Adored the space between the
Mélange of mouth, eye and nose where
Ear regaled in the unabashed
Sincerity of self
Had she known
Age wouldn’t plague the wisdom she so sought
She could have thought twice when splicing
Her wrists to paint “I Love You’s in the ink of her
Acrimony of breath
No one told her she was kind, smart or important, so she
Affixed rope remnants ‘round her neck to adorn the never
Yielding fallacies she so scribed, scribbled, scratched
Heavy handedly through parchment chambers, pumping distilled
Agony to brain dead promises; vegetable to reality
Wishing supported life didn’t rest on the
Kindness of strangers; can
It be too late to whisper to the
Nape of her naivety “this too will
Soon pass?”

“I wanna know
Please show me
I wanna know
About the stranger like me”

Tell her…tell her
About the
Memories of moments
Etched in
Saccharine forget-me-nots; see
Happiness is a state of consciousness
Aplomb to the
Strength she keeps
Holding back
Abandon the 
Notion that
All is lost. Tell her...tell her that her
Year is on the 
Horizon. Fret no longer
At the thought of self-destruction
Weep in the collimation of
Knowing she will wedge through
Nothing can forge against the 
She, she was destined to be

“I wanna know
Please show me
I wanna know
About the stranger like me”


  1. wooooooohoooo! "the nape of her naviety"

  2. so chilling.

  3. If TS ain't a beast at poetry then I don't know who is! Ugh!!

  4. This woman said "agony to brain dead promises; vegetable to reality". *put pencil down*


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