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Unfinished Elements

lick embers off your hearthed heart
chamber pulsed remains
remain unspoken love notes
embroidered in ::IHateYou's::
and tattered ::ILustYou's::
staying the phoenix of your ambsace mind
give me time to love you to life...

wind chime's
miming ::INeedYou's::
through silent gestures
vibrating louder than mute ::ILoveYou's:: from partners past
despite the here and now
present in this unconditional foreshadowing
I'm willing to love you to life...

smell rain on your voice
moments before a gulp umbrelled the truth
of a soon uttered lie
the ::It'sNotYouIt'sMe::
pre-poncho-ed out your box
imploring you to stop,
shout I
let me love you to life....


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