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Pre-Sale Discount: MAHOGANY NECTAR

MAHOGANY NECTAR will be available to virtual bookshelves very soon but thanks to your amazing support and gratitude, I am offering you a PRESALE DISCOUNT!
That means before the official Publisher Release you can purchase a copy of Mahogany Nectar at a DISCOUNTED PRICE of only $20.00 INCL. SHIPPING.
This discount is only available until September 15, 2011 so claim your space in line.

After September 15, 2011, the book will only be available through the Publisher at $22.50+s/h in which your total price could be about $30+

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**all payments are secured through PayPal**
Please allow up 7-10 business days for shipping.
All orders will be shipped out after September 15, 2011


Highlighting the good, the bad, the ugly and the hilarity of twenty some years Mahogany Nectar is a poetic memoir that takes you to the initial stages that forged a bond between the author, the pen and the written word. She speaks about a broken home, a loving mother, a puzzle-piece lineage, woes of the collegiate life, proms and promenades, death, rebirths, sexuality lessons at the neighborhood park and community pool. Although the bookend to the saccharine glazed trilogy, sharing these experiences is only the beginning!

“Even when her poetry reflects difficult choices, humiliation or exploitation, she faces them full-on. Where some writers might couch their language in cagey metaphor, Hawkins is direct, her narrative clear. If she were standing in front of you, she would look you right in the eye” –Wendy Rosenfield, Philadelphia Inquirer

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