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News || The Dramatist "Motivation Issue" ft. TS Hawkins

In the latest edition of The Dramatist...
TS Hawkins, Blossom Johnson, Jeremy Geragotelis, Brianna Barrett, and Psalmayene 24 reflect on the COVID-19 pandemic’s lasting impact, while Amelia French concocts a recipe for motivation. Guild members take to Twitter to share what keeps them motivated, and Chisa Hutchinson moderates a roundtable featuring S.M. Shephard-Massat, Carson Grace Becker, MJ Kaufman, GuadalĂ­s Del Carmen, Ben Krywosz, and Amrita Ramanan, who have made it their mission to provide dramatists the tools, space, and resources they need to create art. Also in this issue, Lily Dwoskin and Jordan K. Stovall look to the past and future of End of Play.®, Keenan Scott II answers “Ten Questions,” Anita Gonzalez discusses “What I'm Teaching Now,” and Larry Dean Harris explains “Why I Joined the Guild.” -Joey Stacks, editor of The Dramatist

The Dramatist is made possible by funding from the Council of the Dramatists Guild of America, a generous gift from the John Logan Foundation through a grant from the Dramatists Guild Foundation, and contributions from Guild members.


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