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News: Sonku Literary Magazine ft. Suite Nana: for memory and eulogy of Bessie Lee by TS Hawkins

SONKU Collective
lives in the tradition of the Harlem Renaissance, Négritude, Black Arts, Hip-Hop, and Neo-Soul movements. From this heritage, it draws strength and inspiration for the creation of our art and the restoration of our collective wellness through reconciliation with our cultural and artistic heritage.

The SONKU Literary Magazine is a publication curated with the intention of celebrating the work of Black and POC writers and artists. Volume II: Family Legacies, centering how we foster our first spiritual connections and who keep us tied to our culture, who raise us in our culture, will feature Suite Nana: for memory and eulogy of Bessie Lee by TS Hawkins with other creative works by Kwabena Foli, Ashley Lewis, Alexis Mckenney, Tara Perron, Just Duléa, George Figueroa, Soul Full, Jaylyn Anderson, Marcellous Lovelace, Tijera S. Williams, Presina Mottley, Dania Alkhouli, Vanessa Edwards, Audrey Edwards, Harar Hall, Dayo Otolorin, Christina Dixie, Darnell Carson, Gabrielle Roland, Megha Sood, Sire Poetics, Timonde, Sado TheStrange, Diamante Ortiz, Natalie Crystal Doggett, Damaris Ruiz, Kofi Emmanuel Amoafo, Steven Baboun, Patrick Earl-Barnes, Natalyn Bradshaw, Enoch the Poet, Arria Washington, Sam Azule, and Edythe Rodriguez.

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SONKU Cover Artist: Soul Full


  1. As your greatness continues to be sculptured; maintain the hard painstaking work. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you for this offering!

  2. That is so wonderful; you have a way with words. Brilliant piece!

  3. AWESOME! So proud!


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