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Class Assignment: The Alphabet Poem

zen-less because
you never allowed us to acme.
xenophobic pish-posh thoughts
woolgathering positivity
vertiginous vesuvian  pleas
under saturnine skies
time insipid towards festering emotions.
since when did
question the
possibility of a possible future?
negotiating moments of "could-be's" within your
milquetoast embrace
left postprandial mints; pillowed punishment
kindly masquerading as love's moral code.
"just give it to me straight...
"I can take it!"
how dare your audacity pontificate to be votary
given this juncture, you're mere bandersnatch
fey drenched in
everything we claimed not to have stood for
druthering fortitude
can finally catch glimpse of the
benefit in personal


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