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Senior Year: Fractured Atlas

[a "memory lane" poem]

knew we were going places
and not the proverbial
I mean physicial documentation
that we were journeying through this trial & error together
Denice Frohman suggested that you should
"kiss me so"
not knowing you were forehead stamping
"see you laters"
across my passbook
hand holds of reassurance
were packed bags of
"this was the last time this embrace meant something special"
hugs of miscommunicated farewells
"I love yous"
were really
"bye bye beau's"
because you only stayed grounded enough to let me deplane
every midnight snuggle lead me to believe we were taking off
a round-trip deal
reaffirming that our itinerary was identical
despite opportunites to alert me otherwise
you gather both bags
wave adieu in airbourne smooches
where I break out in outbreak heartache
relying on standby
to take pity on me


  1. ooo TS this has jetlag blues written on the luggage tag shaped hearts

    nice one!!

  2. Awesome poem!
    beautiful expression through metaphor
    loved it!

  3. Thanks for the love on this piece!


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