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For The Present

[a "I think I wrote a love poem" poem]

want to make love to your spirit
a holy trinity; a menage of riches
astrology can't afford to miss out on
conjure spells that have Ecstasy plea bargain with V
in hopes to get higher than orgasm
toe scrape cumulus clouds
having the sun bow to our silent picture
where sex becomes a two lettered word
containing only U & I
open vowel sounds exploring orifices
blushing the cheeks of Karma Sutra
the oral tradition setting marks on dynasties yet to cum
you were always the story I needed on my palatte
racing to the rhythms
stuttering never tasted so succulent

...[to be continued]...


  1. blushing cheeks of the Kama Sutra... also made me blush. lol Killer last line

  2. Beautiful. Are you performing this when it's finished?


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