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Wayward Traveler

[a poetic response to a passenger complaining about her relationship
because she was listening to her "friends"]

they told me you were once lover
placed down cement bricks
wiped doubt from the brow
journeyed into no return
handheld with you by my side
took slight turn to admire a lily alone...

they never once told me you hated florals
had I been privy
wouldn't have arranged the pussie's willowed literary lip swivel
in Georgia O' Keefe brush strokes
to appease your sudden need to display landmarks
as treasure troves for your liquor loathed, betrothed cohorts
didn't know I was just a mountaintop
a flag divot for non pivotal conquests

they told me you once loved me better than that
that sound byte
became the audiobook to the nook in my soul
too illiterate to effectively read you
"they" should have never been the sounding board
would have finished planting the bricks
...then alone...
but satisfied


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