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News: "For Spirit, With Love: an exploration of voice, value, and verity for womynx in the here and now" by TS Hawkins

"Across the nation, institutions are grasping for the chance to highlight the 100th anniversary of women fighting for the right to be seen, heard, and respected. This moment of time in which womynx are paraded for sport under the veil of support and acknowledgment for the future womankind. But what happens when the year concludes? Will the provision for womynx’s existence dim again? How will local, national, and federal entities secure the legacy of womynx without it having to be siphoned through a polluted pipeline, a march, years of back deal legislation, ill-advised diversity and inclusion committees, or a hashtag? When will womynx no longer have to beg, spar, or silence their voice for their birthright to be acknowledged as commonplace? When will womynx, especially black and brown womynx, be considered human sans amendment?" 
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For Spirit, With Love: an exploration of voice, value, and verity for womynx in the here and now by TS Hawkins is part of Long Wharf Theatre’s long-form series centering the evolution of women(/yn/xn)hood from local, regional, national, and international points of reference. The four-part discussion offers brilliant and introspective commentary from female-identified voices.


  1. TS,
    Your symbiotic relationships with these strong women and life experiences have inspired and shaped your craft which ignites your passion for equality and inclusion of black and brown women. I’m proud of your ever-evolving journey and how you employ your talent to make thought provoking statements for women of color! Your piece is “several” lessons to be learned!

  2. This is a wonderful and well written piece of work. It speaks volumes for so many issues on many levels!

  3. This essay is amazing! Not only the overarching theme but your incredible poetry - "backbone" juxtaposed with "back-burner" - you're killing me!


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