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Jus Noiz [Fall of Poetic Advocacy]

[for "poets" to step up to the mic and spew malarkey wrapped in fecal demise and try to tell listeners its the love trickle on a golden pond]

space where some try to reach the huddle masses
only to become class-less babbling crooks
nuking their lingual palettes with microwaved 'ashes'
noosing prowess within blue-black line divisions rigged in moon dust
star struck
as past griot's ink rots on parchmental head stones
souls reminiscing about when THEN was IS and WERE became NOW
beat nitpicking
barbecued drum circles
conjuring lyrical make-believe
grieving poetic page-boy careers
"time of death"
...was when you took your first breath
stage approached to breach birth predecessors predestined still born
their daily news
just a daily rouse
where merch rests on the chest of those thinking their blessed
suckling on the electrical short in the mic
clogged with nonsense masquerading as spit
spatting halitosis rimmed shrapnel
hitting the brim of the weak minded
poetry is the space between
the nothing that asked to be left alone
disobeying death bed wishes
you took iron will
and resurrected
just noise


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