"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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"don't wanna dance with ghosts..." by TS Hawkins

"don't wanna dance with ghosts..."
by TS Hawkins

"don't wanna dance with ghosts...", by TS Hawkins, is a choreopoem experience of how past poisons taint the future when love strips the mind of closure.

*First appearance courtesy of The Bridge PHL, an annual play festival which strives to foster healing connections between rich and diverse communities by encouraging openness and dialogue about perspectives on racial prejudice, privilege, inclusion, and bias. Cast/Crew: TS Hawkins (Playwright), Katrina Shobe (Director), and Charlese D. Hawkins (Assistant Director). Featuring: Sabriaya Shipley (Chrys), Briyana D. Clarel (Jaye), Maria Beltre (Ego), Charlese D. Hawkins (Id), and Tanesha M. Ford (Super Ego).

*G. Van Wilgen: You opened up a Pandora's "Jar"!

*Frank Lewis: It was indeed an eclectic afternoon of awesome performance poetry. The house received many poignant moments of talent and teachable lessons; it was well received! DWDWG is a smash and promoted much dialogue! Thank you for your artistry and talent!

*Zuhairah McGill: Great piece! I enjoyed it!

*Lois Moses: You are an awesome writer. I was so moved by your work!


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