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News: July - September 2020 Newsletter

"Outrage is a normal human response to witnessed injustice. The rage we feel within is not meant to burn us up or burn anyone else down. It is meant to be used as fuel to kindle the courageous action needed to instigate real change in our world."Lama Rod Owens


* Website Milestone
* Closet Cases: Queers on What We Wear Community Support
* Postponed: TrailOff Launch
* Story Time in the Zoom Room
* Guest Contributor: Long Wharf Theatre
* CouchCon
* "I Put on Pants for This" ft. They'll Neglect to Tell You by TS Hawkins


* Taking time to find love in the little things! So, it is a pleasure to share that during this quarter we celebrate over 250K web views!!! Thank you for your limitless support to each play, poem, book, literary contribution, and workshop over the years! This journey continues to be fruitful because of your generosity to the arts.

* The community has come together to gather their copy of Closet Cases: Queers on What We Wear edited by Megan Volpert featuring Adornment by TS Hawkins! Along with seventy-five creative contributors, Hawkins is honored to share with the world an array of hues that spiral the prismatic spectrum. Collect your copy here! In the meantime, view an excerpt of Adornment: “...respirated only by the remnants / the opposed pattern pushing at seams / rimmed lenses dusted in tangerine refrains / rose colored watches move time to swatch fine printed faux pas / …the spruce reminder of commercial algorithms sharing a part of you they never cared to mend / selvedging hope in sample cloths / you wear a mask / …hopefully, for not too long”

* Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the TrailOff launch has been rescheduled. TS Hawkins served as Swim Pony’s Writer-in-Residence to pen THE RANGER! TrailOff will be a transmedial walking performance created by Swim Pony Performing Arts in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Environmental Council (PEC) and will be available as a free-to-download app. Click here to learn more, stay in the loop, and sign up for the TrailOff Mailing List!

* Long Wharf Theatre, in its commitment to explore the evolution and everyday experiences of womynx, non-binary, trans, and queer folx of color on and offstage, is preparing to launch a four-part, long-form content series that will add much needed context to the discussion from powerful and representative voices. The open-ended dialogue will evolve from analyses centering hyperlocal (New Haven), regional, national, and international points of reference. For Spirit, With Love: an exploration of voice, value, and verity for womynx in the here and now by TS Hawkins will be featured in the series. While awaiting the LIVE release, here is a sneak peek of what's on the horizon: "Across the nation, institutions are grasping for the chance to highlight the 100th anniversary of women fighting for the right to be seen, heard, and respected. This moment of time in which womynx are paraded for sport under the veil of support and acknowledgment for the future of womankind. But what happens when the year concludes? Will the provision for womynx’s existence dim again? How will local, national, and federal entities secure the legacy of womynx without it having to be siphoned through a polluted pipeline, a march, years of back deal legislation, ill-advised diversity and inclusion committees, or a hashtag? When will womynx no longer have to beg, spar, or silence their voice for their birthright to be acknowledged as commonplace? When will womynx, especially black and brown womynx, be considered human sans amendment?"

* What a wondrous time was had in Theatre Horizon’s Story Time in the Zoom Room! Hosted by Liz Filios, TS Hawkins, Asaki Kuruma, and Newton A. Buchanan celebrated Juneteenth by sharing stories, making crafts, and singing songs. Via Facebook Live, Hawkins read Nose Bubbles written by Tasha Holmes and illustrated by Jasmine Simmons to honor black womynx writers (and illustrators) worldwide!!!

* Philadelphia Writers’ Conference hosted CouchCon; a small collection of panels, workshops, and readings held via ZOOM. TS Hawkins joined Jeannine Cook & Lois Moses as a panelist discussing Writing & Activism. In a mind-blowing inter-generational conversation about literature, play writing, and social commentary, panelists and participates were able to shed insight on the various moving components regarding progression of the writing world! Interested in learning more about the conference and its panelist, visit here!

* 1812 Productions webcast, I Put on Pants for This, featured They’ll Neglect to Tell You by TS Hawkins. A former Jilline Ringle Solo Performance Resident, Hawkins - joined by Lois Moses (residency collaborator), discussed the creative process, solo performance journey, and artistic lessons learned during the residency. Click here to watch!


Always remember that #BlackLivesMatter! Feel free to peruse a listing of Black Lives Matter Chapters to support, in addition to, hiring black and brown artists, designers, and technicians!



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