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Public Speaking/Workshop: UPenn 701 Core Students

Thanks Mallory Lopez and the 701 Core Students!
Magnificent time work-shopping and performing my craft with all of them!
Below is the poem that was puzzled together from various thoughts/images about DREAMS!!!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we had creating it!

by TS Hawkins, Mallory Lopez & UPenn 701 Core students
© 2013

Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome…

When I lay down and I look to the sky
on white fluffy clouds; nobody would find me
Saw my dreams in this gigantic universe which expand over and over
And those astonishing flamboyant stars motivate me to become my dream;
to make my dream complete with beauty and accomplishment
Moonlight trickles down the spine reminding daybreak to halt;
nocturnal moonshine slips slumber sweetly
Thank goodness my mind can’t be read
I go on…
I dreamed last night that I was on an ocean voyage
Sitting on the seat of the train looking at the sea
No creature; I would look, just found wave block
Don’t want to be tied down, I love my freedom
It’s a big world, in a magic world; maybe
Be in conformist against others saying “go for it”; towards where your heart’s saying
Because, I have a dream
The dream makes me happy
I dream a wonderful dream
My dream is having freedom of life
I have dreams once” said a man
Day dreams all up in my head
I believe my dream comes true” said another
Dreams let you think about big things
I’ve been always asking myself could I make my dreams become true by myself
Dreams motivate you to achieve the things you want” said a woman
It’s difficult to achieve it, but we could make it
Dreams could be more than awesome
Indeed, dreams make us a true man” said the other
I go on…

Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome
Take me to your dreams, my awesome…

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