"Momma's Worry" by TS Hawkins

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Running Still Water vol I: AVAILABLE NOW!!!!

"Running Still Water vol 1" (c) 2012 is the sophomore poetry CD by TS Hawkins

Her first poetry CD "Sugar Lumps and Black Eye Blues" (c) 2006 is also available for purchase with a NEW BONUS TRACK!!!

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  1. Enjoyed the live track of "My Pen is Dangerous". I will have to see you perform soon. Keep up the good work

  2. Dorothy Lewis-HawkinsMay 24, 2012 at 10:44 PM

    I like the 9/11 piece called "Momma's Worry" and the sounds in "B4 Technology"

  3. They are all SUPER! However the Trayvon Martin piece [Repetitious Anarchy Slow Brews] is so relevant to the time...I particularly love your articulation of the travesty of justiceand how it still prevails in the 21st century.I have to wonder what thoughts ran through this young man's mind that day. Was he like me, a proud black man exerting his manhood, defending his constitutional rights, legally challenging Zimmerman's so-called "authority"?. We may never know but I could only imagine. THANK YOU for being so relevant in the moment. Your pen is dangerously awesome!!!

  4. "Chase My Tears" was an interesting piece. It was a different "voice" from your other pieces. It was good to hear another sound from you. Nice Job.


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