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Class Assignment: "The Tree Poem"

"Come bring me your softness
comfort me through all this madness
woman, don't you know, with you
I'm born again"*

Charismatically soft shoe stepped though past heartache
Heartbreak; to beat-bend spirit back to its original score
Rebirthed; tap stitched fresh interludes so
I'm now, my own foundation
Sing melodies dripped in encore, swaddled
Tightly in your crease, never have
I ever clutched affection so close
Napped in once was and soon will be, we dance in the splendor
Arms affixed as if fashioned for one another, rooted in cordated cacophony; bloom symphonies on natured sheets

"Woman, don't you know, with you
I'm born again" 

*Song lyrics by Billy Preston
~With You I'm Born Again


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