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[a free write assignment I gave the students during my workshop at Health Opportunities High School in the Bronx. The poem had to consist of the following words: Chicken, Lick, Versatility, Magic, Boot and Flag! Here was the best I came up with...LOL!]

I don't eat chicken
but everything about you is finger licking good
want to swoon in your unabashed aqueous solution
stir your magic inside the deoxyribose of my mind
mount your flag in my divot-ed third eye
rock me to the beat of your majesty
as we boot knock
making 80's smooth grooves wish it carried our tambour
the versatility of this bedroom lullaby
has sex wishing it could hold a candle
to the flaming wick of foreplays beginnings


  1. Lol; I still get the chills thinking about the day when we wrote this.

  2. @Angela: You all are amazing poets and I can't wait to support you'll in competitions! Especially you...I need to see you go all the way IN!


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