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Seeking Silence by TS Hawkins

Seeking Silence
by TS Hawkins

Seeking Silence, by TS Hawkins, questions "if" and "where" silence rests in the everyday landscape.

*Seeking Silence debuted as part of the Puppets & Poets residency in 2011 in NYC. Puppets and Masks were created by Kyla McKoll and Joesph Therrien. Designed & Performed by TS Hawkins, Kyla McKoll, Joseph Therrien, Renee Dumouchel, Katie Issel Pitre and Kathryn Wilkening.

*Theatre Alliance Reviewer: "Seeking Silence" raises thoughtful questions and respects its audience enough to not provide overly simplistic answers. As the masked performers join together at the piece’s conclusion to become a sort of communal body, collectively breathing life into a giant puppet who has been sleeping at the foot of the stage, there is a sense of hope and unity, but it is not na├»ve or easy. There is a “library of thought” and work to be done by all of us seeking to build a truly democratic community.

*Amber West, MFA, PhD, & co-founder of Alphabet Arts NYC: Alphabet Arts created Puppets & Poets in part to test our theory that mixing seemingly-disparate art forms can create something new that is perhaps more expressive and more effective in communicating and connecting with audiences. "Seeking Silence" proves this theory correct. It is an impressive feat (and a rare treat) to see poetry, puppetry, mask, and dance/movement fused so beautifully on stage.



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