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AGAIN, by TS Hawkins

by TS Hawkins

AGAIN, by TS Hawkins, is a choreopoem experience highlighting the black and brown voices that exclaim “stop killing us” while white supremacy and toxic masculinity retort “why?”.

*First appearance courtesy of The Bridge PHL, an annual play festival which strives to foster healing connections between rich and diverse communities by encouraging openness and dialogue about perspectives on racial prejudice, privilege, inclusion, and bias. Each autumn, the annual festival welcomes both experienced and new artists wishing to engage in the mission to further the endeavor to BUILD THE BRIDGE PHL! Cast/Crew: TS Hawkins (playwright) & Katrina Shobe (director). Featuring: Ciani Barclay, Niya Colbert, Cynda Purnell, Joshuah Simpson, and James Whitfield.

*AGAIN, was recognized for having the Best Theater Moment of 2017.

*Gina Renzi: Excellent performance!

*Frank Lewis: Love, love, loved the performances! TS, you nailed it! I’m awed by your talent and your mission bringing awareness to social ills of society by your  poetic justice; brought forth humor, sadness and nuances of today’s society to the stage! A must see!

*Juliet Stams: Such an amazing piece of work. Very powerful. Thank you!

*Nicole Stacie: "AGAIN," was a siren of hard hitting fact and sizzling in your face poems that served as a mirror to all who watched.

*Susan Chase: Very moving performance!

*Kalif Troy: That moment when it became the TS Show AGAIN! That moment when you know what's coming cuz you know the playwright and directed for the playwright and still balled because blackness is weaponized in Murica.

*Heather Chonoles: Thank you for sharing with us. The way you have with words[...]


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