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Cartons of Ultrasounds by TS Hawkins

Cartons of Ultrasounds
by TS Hawkins

Cartons of Ultrasounds, by TS Hawkins, unpacks how the societal machine churns embryos, girls, and womyn, into seclusion; waterboarding their freedom and manufacturing their wombs with assembly-line legislature. Prisoners to their gender, society has become the parasitic conjoined twin of the dogmatic cycle extending life sentences of female-identified invalidation. With scantily clad images, pejorative song lyrics, and abusive homes heightening the maltreatment of the female form, we teach womyn to be the missing, the raped, and the forgotten.

*Cartons of Ultrasounds debuted November 2012 at the Trestle Inn. Cast/Crew: André Brown (Director), Christina May (Assistant Director), and TS Hawkins (Playwright/Actor).

*Second appearance courtesy of Alphabet Arts “Puppets & Poets” Residency showcase at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange in December 2012. “Puppets & Poets” consists of hybrid performances blending poetry and puppetry; two of the world's oldest and most diversely practiced artforms featuring an eclectic array of poets, puppeteers, musicians, and other artists. Cast/Crew: Kyla Kollmer McHale (Mask, Puppet & Direction), and TS Hawkins (Playwright/Actor).

*Third appearance courtesy of (re)FOCUS FEST. (re)FOCUS Fest 2018 brings together four theatre makers to explore what it means to reclaim and to celebrate diversity through shared performance. Through poetic dialogue, immersive soundscapes, and lyrical movement, Kaleid Theatre, Pratima Agrawal, Alma's Engine, and TS Hawkins meditate on gender, race, sexuality, class, and everything in between. (re)FOCUS Fest is a chance to (re)focus on themes that are all around us, but difficult to see, explore, and discuss. It is a celebration of our ability to confront ourselves, learn from each other, and rejoice in the myriad of experiences that make us who we are. Cast/Crew: Cheyenne Barboza (Director), TS Hawkins (Playwright) and Iman Aaliyah (Actor).

*Cartons of Ultrasounds made its fourth appearance at The Tank. This work, having been devised in 2012 at Alphabet Arts "Puppets & Poets" Residency hosted at the Brooklyn Arts Exchange (BAX) and supported by InLiquid's 2018 Winged Woman: Three Perspectives exhibit at the Painted Bride Arts Center in Philadelphia, returned to NYC directed by Lois Moses and featuring Ciani Barclay.

*G. Corsaro: Always so honored and grateful to bear witness and participate in the journey of Hawkins’ beautiful work and spirit.

*H. Higginbotham: Well done and provocative!

*F. Lewis: ...references, relevancy and teaching through poetry is captivating; weaving in performance brings [the] pieces to shocking reality!


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